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Such as  Marketing  on and offline to immigrants for business purposes Business  Spanish transcription and transcription of conferences, meetings and foreign delegate dialogue between businesses andor government officials Legal  Typically law enforcement, suspect and witness interviews,  calls, court hearings and depositions Medicolegal  Often for hearings that cover Veterans Affairs issues stemming from natives of Puerto Rico who served in the U.S. Armed Services local governments in Puerto Rico conduct business in Spanish but the federal government  of which Veterans Affairs is a part  conducts its business in English  even in Puerto Rico. Health Care Focus groups  Political, marketing and research, public health, etc.
Television Subtitles and closed captioning Travel and Tourism Confusion with the Term Spanish Transcription  Its important to note that there is a difference between transcription and transcription and to avoid confusion the two should not be interchanged, although some transcription agencies do just that. This has led to some misunderstandings between the client and language services  and even between employees of the language service e.g., between a project manager and a linguist. A client might state that he wants the Spanish recording transcribed  thinking that he will receive a Spanish transcript. However, the language service understands his request as translating the Spanish audio on the fly into English text. 
Spanish Audio Transcription  Audio transcription involves converting the spoken word into a written or printed version in the same language and thus is monolingual  meaning that Spanish audio is transcribed into Spanish text.  Spanish Audio transcription Services TT  audio transcription TT is the combination of both transcription and transcription services. It is the process of first taking a Spanish language recording and transcribing it as Spanish text. That transcript is then translated into English text. Both documents are presented to the client.  To avoid cumbersome dialog, some agencies use the term translication when referring to transcription.
For example, its much easier to use the word translication and its variants than the awkward transcribed, transcriptionist and soon. Its still more common though to hear or see the use of the term transcription.  Some services offer on the fly audio transcription, where audiovideo in Spanish is translated into English text as it is being listened to. There is really no true transcription involved  although sometimes a rough transcript may be produced if the speech is difficult to decipher. While this can produce faster results and is much cheaper, the accuracy of the message may be reduced.